How can development be better? What is the future of our streets, communities and cities? Remington has answers; they’re found in each one of the company’s projects.

The company was Alberta’s first private developer to design and construct a LEED Gold Certified building (Quarry Park West). Remington was the first private company to undertake a land swap with the Weed Lake Wetland Restoration Project. And Remington was the first company in Western Canada to employ a more energy efficient precast panel in the construction of industrial warehouses. The company has fully developed eight brownfield sites in the past 20 years alone, even more since inception. Cycling and walking have been promoted as legitimate forms of transportation; live/work in a new community can be a reality. The contribution of reverse commuting has been realized. Nature reserves have been established and rivers and streams have been protected with overland drainage systems. Site remediation and recycled construction materials are industry norms. Most importantly, the company’s development approach has contributed to the social and economic fabric of the community.