Remington Development Corporation has been a fixture in Alberta’s development industry for decades. The company is renowned for its abilities to pioneer new construction solutions that improve tenant and partner value; transform blighted land into thriving business parks and communities; and deliver leasing and sales opportunities that boost an organization’s performance.

Examples are numerous. In the 1990s, the company deployed precast construction solutions (which it pioneered in the 1970s) and brought industrial sites to market more quickly than conventional processes that involved owners, architects and contractors. The result? Small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations leveraged Remington’s leasing programs and industrial product for strategic advantages. 

The company transformed blighted land across cities and rejuvenated numerous communities. Ramsey, an inner-city community in Calgary, benefitted greatly from Remington’s vision for a new business park, Portland Street Depot. Working with community associations and municipal stakeholders, Remington remediated the site, which had become unsafe for neighbouring residents, and turned a civic liability into a community employment node.

How does the company perform at such a high level? By consistently conducting itself with a focus on values: commitment, integrity, stewardship. These values have guided the company since its inception. Remington’s values are a guidepost for all of the company’s endeavours and the foundation of its success. Whether it is a commitment to design and construct a campus for one of Canada’s largest corporations - which Remington fulfilled at Quarry Park’s South Campus - or a small storefront for an independent retailer, Remington Development Corporation continually surpasses expectations and sets the bar for development excellence.